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market quest


Integrate technology into an already existing service in the food industry to expand the service experience. 

the challenge:

the opportunity:

A service that delivers a gamified experience through an app, to promote farmers’ market awareness amongst children and to help them learn and understand where food comes from.



Visual Design & Communication



Inika Shetty

Some research done with:

Alessio Rapaglia

Cassie Heffner

Henry Jorgensen 

Market Quest is a service delivered through on an online platform where kids own their very own stall at a virtual farmers' market. Through the app, they can manage their stalls within a virtual community. Market Quest also partners with local markets to exchange data for mutual benefit.

Farmers' markets offer an exceptional way to buy fresh produce directly from local farmers, growers, and producers. They are a perfect venue to teach children about the food they eat, how to make healthy eating choices, and how to shop locally and for themselves. However, markets mainly cater to adults and kids are often disinterested. Market Quest addresses this with an engaging platform that can bring children to the market so that, they too, can reap the benefits.

For a more in-depth look at the project, please refer to the 

Market Quest

Expected Outcomes and KPIs

Video recorded and edited by Inika Shetty. Graphics created by Clara Asumadu.

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